COVID-19 Update

As of Thursday, January 14, 2021, in light of the newest restrictions, we are once again forced to curtail services offered in our churches. WE ARE CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC except for wedding and funeral services (see our website or London Diocese website for further details). Masses will continue to be livestreamed. Confessions by appointment only.


Changes and Pastoral Appointments

Rev. Dariusz Jagodzinski, in addition to his role as Parish Administrator of Holy Trinity, Woodstock, and Holy Cross Polish Catholic Community, is appointed Parish Administrator of Sacred Heart, Ingersoll, effective February 4, 2021.

Rev. Sekar L. Raj, in addition to his role as Parochial Vicar of Holy Trinity, Woodstock, and Holy Cross Polish Catholic Community, is appointed Parochial Vicar of Sacred Heart, Ingersoll, effective February 4, 2021.

An additional priest for weekend coverage to be announced at a later date.

Rev. Gilbert Simard, currently Pastor of Sacred Heart, Ingersoll, is retiring in February 2021.


In light of the newest restrictions, lock-down and state of emergency declared by the Premier of Ontario, we are once again forced to curtail services offered in our churches. While we long for a return to fuller celebrations of our faith, we recognize the need to be vigilant and to care for the common good, so that we can be doing all in our power to stem the tide of the virus. 

The following directives come into effect on Thursday, 14 January, until further notice. 

Celebrations in Churches  

Churches are once again to be closed to the public except for Wedding services and Funeral services. In both cases, no celebration of the Mass is allowed, but only a Liturgy of the Word. Ten people only are allowed to be present, which includes the presider.  

There are to be no public Masses. Parishes are encouraged, if possible, to record or livestream Masses for their parishioners. Only those required to produce the recording or livestreaming may be present:  priest-presider, deacon, reader, two musicians (instrumentalist and cantor), and a recording technician if necessary. No other persons are permitted to attend in person. Face masks must always be worn by all during the recording or livestreaming, including the priest, except for receiving Holy Communion.  

Baptism, Confirmation, and the Anointing of the Sick may be celebrated only in cases of danger of death. Confessions may be heard by appointment only. 

Offices and Church Buildings 

Only essential work that cannot be done outside of the workplace is allowed to take place in offices or church buildings. Staff must have permission from their supervisor before entering an office or church building. All other work is expected to be done from home. 

Safety Measures 

All of the above implies the necessary vigilance is in place, in following prescribed and mandatory safety measures, including hand sanitization, use of personal protective equipment (e.g., masks), and self-screening procedures before coming onto church property.  


Most Rev. Ronald P. Fabbro, C.S.B.

Bishop of London

If you want the latest Covid-19 information please go to the Diocese of London website.

News and Events

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In respect of our volunteers who wish to attend Mass, please come at least 10 minutes prior to Mass time as the doors will be closed at 5:00 pm, 8:30 am and 12 noon. Thank you.

We have our online registration up and running. There is a separate link for each weekend Mass so please choose which one you will attend and register for that Mass. These links can be used to register for the weekend Masses up until the first weekend in September. HOWEVER, please ONLY register for the Masses you will definitely be attending as there are a limited amount of numbers in our church. There is also a link for Holy Cross and registration for their Masses. 

Holy Trinity Catholic Parish - Mass Registration

To register for one of the Holy Trinity Mass times click on the appropriate time below.

Saturday 5pm 

Sunday 8:30am 

Sunday 12pm 

Holy Cross Polish Catholic Community - Mass Registration

To register for one of the Holy Cross Mass times please use

Saturday 6:30pm

Sunday 10:00am

PLEASE NOTE even volunteers, ushers, hospitality ministers and Eucharistic ministers MUST register.

As per government guidelines only 30% of our capacity will be allowed for each Mass. Everyone is asked to arrive no later than 10 minutes before Mass.

Please note the requirements for entering the church and participating in any liturgical celebrations:

  • Entrance is not permitted to those who have an elevated temperature,(above 37.5 C/ 99.5 F) or are suffering from cough, sputum production, shortness of breath, undue fatigue, loss of appetite, muscle aching, runny nose, chills involved shakes and/or loss of taste or smell. Those who feel sick are expected to stay home.
  • You MUST take your temperature at home prior to coming to Mass.
  • Be sure to follow the guidance of the ushers/ministers of hospitality and sit only in the designated places to ensure physical distancing at all times.
  • Avoid touching your face or other persons.
  • All persons MUST wear a mask for the duration of Mass.

Please feel free to call the office at 519-539-0876 if you have any issues with the online links. 

Thanks for all your understanding during this time!


We are still looking for parishioners, preferably outside of the high risk category to help with the following:

Cleaning/sanitizing/defogger – over the age of 15

Hospitality/ushers – for the 5 p.m. and 12 noon Mass to ensure safety protocols are followed.

Please contact the office if you would like to volunteer. Training will be provided.

To volunteer contact the parish office at or call 519-539-0876

If you are unsure about the at risk category please visit this website:

Secure Mail Slot

A new secure mail slot has been provided for those wishing to drop off their donation.  It is located at the Staff entrance door beside Fr. Rick's  memorial garden.  Your envelope will go directly into the building where only staff will have access to it. 

Whatever way you wish to donate to us know that all is very much appreciated.